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At Nat Geos Mars season 2, tensions grow as researchers collide with miners


The National Geographic's "Mars" returns for a second season on Monday, November 12, giving a blend of extraterrestrial drama and real insights into the future of humanity on the Red Planet.

Docudrama premiered in 2016 with the story of the first people to ever engage in a mission to the red planet. While actors dramatize the events taking place on Mars, real experts lead the story down to earth with unscheduled segments explaining humanity's progress towards launching a truly manned Mars mission and the challenges that will meet the first Mars colonists. These so-called "big thinkers" include Elon Musk, Bill Nye, Andy Weir and other NASA and private space industry experts.

When the story ended at the end of Season 1, things looked quite gloomy at Olympus Town, Marskolonia built by a group of astronauts who work with the International Mars Science Foundation (IMSF). After losing several lives to a series of unfortunate events – accidents caused by a combination of human error and the environment in Martian – IMSF officials on earth decided to put an end to the entire concert, get the colonists home and never send people back to Mars again . [Living on ‘Mars 2’: The Real Tech Behind Nat Geo’s Martian Colony]

Season 2 picks up the story five years later, and not only are the colonists still on Mars, but the Marian population is booming! Several new spacecraft (which has a striking resemblance to SpaceX's "BFR") has brought dozens of IMSF astronauts. But that's not all – now a profit-making company called Lukrum Industries sends crews of miners to Mars in an effort to take advantage of natural resources like water. Of course, the two groups begin to trample on each other's toes. This new conflict between scientists and miners leads to the first group's fight on Mars, and the fistfight is just the beginning.

The astronauts are working to turn Mars into a home in the National Geographic Channel & # 39; Mars 2 & # 39;.

The astronauts are working to turn Mars into a home in the National Geographic Channel & # 39; Mars 2 & # 39;.

Credit: National Geographic Channel

In the unscrambled section of the series, scientists build parallels between the conflict on Mars and conflicts that people on earth face today, especially in terms of natural resources. For example, the series shows actual images of protesters with the Greenpeace environmental group trying to stop oil companies from drilling for oil in the Arctic. "Mars" Season 2 also shows how everyday events on Earth can turn into catastrophic scenarios on Mars, like getting pregnant, coming down with an infectious virus or simply coexisting with others.

Will the Mars colonists figure out how to agree despite their interrelated interests, or will we see the first war breaking loose on the Red Planet? You can watch drama unfold on the National Geographic Channel on Mondays at 9 EST / 8 p.m. CST.

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