Sunday , January 17 2021

Vera Brezhneva put on a plush shock and knitted suit

The singer returned from Kiev and immediately began to go through. The girl appeared in a trendy everyday look.

Vera Brezhneva. Photo:

Vera Brezhneva does not hide that she values ​​her family. She told stories from her childhood more than once, as she has three sisters that the singer grew up with. Recently, Konstantin Meladze’s wife left for Kiev, where she enjoyed living with her relatives. She saw her eldest daughter Sonya, who came to her from the United States. The artist also participated in the show “Top Model in Ukrainian”, where she appeared in a stylish trouser outfit.

The day before, Vera returned to Moscow. She spent a long time on the train. The singer decided to film himself. The girl had time to warm up, so she checked out a caramel-colored teddy jacket. She had minimal makeup and her hair down.

“Two nights on the train and 11 hours of shooting. Goddess of the frame, the star wrote jokingly.

The artist was soon at a rehearsal. Brezhnev already sang in a sand-colored knit suit and white boots. Although she was tired, she felt the music and moved a lot. The singer showed a nice look that is popular this season. Warm costumes have become a favorite image of Alsou, Tatiana Brukhunova, Yana Rudkovskaya, Ani Lorak, Anna Semenovich and other celebrities.

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