Monday , September 26 2022

Twitch removes blind spot mark – the offended people with low vision | Game


Twitch Community & Streaming Director Erin Aureylian Wayne announced that the platform is no longer labeled “Blind Walkthrough”. For a long time, his removal was sought by activists who thought that the phrase discriminated against the blind and visually impaired.

Erin Aureylian Wayne
Erin Aureylian Wayne:

“I’m glad to see that Twitch listened to the community and removed the Blind Walkthrough tag to encourage more inclusive languages. You can use the First Pass mark together with the No Spoilers tag to clarify information about the content of the broadcast. “

In June Steven Spon, CEO of the charity fund for players with disabilities statedthat there is very offensive language for people with disabilities on Twitch. In addition to the tag “Blind passing”, he also pointed to the English idiom “falls on deaf ears”, which translated into Russian means “for deaf ears”, and other established terms such as “blind to criticism”. Spon invites streamers to get rid of ambiguous phrases during broadcasts.

Previously, Twitch CEO Dale Cruz raised the topic of working with society around the topic of an accessible and inclusive environment several times. For example, he shouted at people with Tourettes do not hesitate to create channels on the platform and “feel at home”.

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