Friday , July 1 2022

Social experiment: As a blogger girl crossed the Crimea with the Ukrainian flag (VIDEO)


Blogger Alena Bardovskaya, who lives in the Crimea, was convinced of Crimean's benevolent attitude toward the Ukrainian flag. She wrote about this in a video with a "social experiment" published on her Youtube channel: 2-4 November, before and on the National Unity Day, the blog asked bypassers in the Crimean cities to take a picture of her with the Ukrainian state symbol.

"We all know that November 4 is the National Unity Day. And … I decided to check if the Ukrainian media is right that if someone from Ukraine in Ukrainian language says something here … or forbid God, take Ukraine flag, they will hit him and then they will definitely close him in the basement. They will be tortured for two weeks. I took the flag of Ukraine with me and asked bypassers to take a picture with him on the street, "Bardovskaya explained her plan.

According to her, she performed an experiment in Sevastopol, Simferopol and Bakhchisarai. As a result of the video, most respondents responded most positively to the request from the blog and took pictures of it with the Ukrainian flag used. At the same time, in Bakhchisarai, some passers-by "demonstration" of the fabric found unacceptable, especially with reference to Ukraine being an "enemy state". One of the women tried to crush him alone from Bardovsky's hands and called her actions "provocation".

"I did not expect such a reaction," told the blog in the comments under her video. – I want to tell the Ukrainians separately: guys, you can come to the Crimea without any problems. There is no persecution and harassment from the authorities. Sometimes insufficient people occur, but very rarely.

I am for peace and for the friendship of nations. Individuals: I can not come to Kiev with the Russian flag, because I am an enemy from the Ukrainian authorities and recorded into the Peacemaker (the website publishes the data for persons considered "traitor to the motherland", ed.). Just for the Crimean propaganda, as a resort for the rest of all the people in the world. Thank you to all who oppose nationalism. Thank you to all who are with me. "

However, most web users experienced the negative Bardovskaya experiment. Some, in particular, suggested that she completely remove the video. And the user Viola Ponomareva raised the blog: "If you took two flags, Russian and Ukrainian, and maybe also Crimean Tatars, then we would understand your activities for unity, peace and friendship among the nations. And with a Ukrainian flag to go around , the Crimean is trolling. "

The user under the name Warrior recalled that "children were killed with this flag in the Donbass". "I think what you did wrong, come out with this flag! We must think before we do anything!" – He was upset.

In turn, the user acknowledged Yevgeny Torchenkov that he expected a tougher reaction from passersby: "I thought it would get worse … After they burned and stamped Russian flags in the cities of Ukraine, how to wear clothes to rip St. George band, how they burned Crimean buses Korsunya, for Berkutovtsy, thought, everything will remember and the scandal gets harder. "

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