Tuesday , July 27 2021

Sales of computers and laptops returned to pre-crisis levels

The sharp increase in demand for the company is explained by the fact that after the peak of sales in 2012, many years went by and users began to actively update the device. Today, many consumers no longer need a desktop computer and a beautiful mobile phone with a big screen. According to the results from 2018, the market volume will be approximately 102 billion rubles, corresponding to the 2014 level, Kommersant informs about the data of the united company M. Video – Eldorado. In monetary terms, sales achieved the properties for 2014.

Retailers say that until this time, the portable sector is still the most popular. Growth continues due to increased sales of units from the top price sector (from 40 thousand rubles) and laptops.

Sales of laptops in January-September increased by 14% in units, to 2 million and by 25% in money, to 68 billion rubles.

Demand for desktop computers increased by 16% in currency and 11% in pieces to 470 thousand units and 14.5 billion rubles.

The printing device sector continues to stabilize, and in money demand for inkjet printers and multifunction devices exceeded the figures for 2013-2014.

Head of the direction "Home Office" "M. Video Eldorado Alexey Pomozov Considers that the revival of the market due to the fact that customers have begun to actively replace the old equipment. With all this, the experts stressed that the favorable dynamics are largely a consequence of the effect of deferred demand – users are not getting less productive, and therefore less expensive equipment, instead of outdated moral and physical.

Thus, growth in the market for laptops and computers in monetary terms will be around 20%.

Marvel-Distribution (Acer, Asus, Lenovo and other brands) also noted an increase in the offer of consumer loan deals as one of the drivers in the market.

Demand has increased for desktop units.

"You may also denote a general thaw in purchasing power over the last three years. However, the potential for this tina can already be exhausted, and by 2019, the market will not show such growth as in 2018," warns the head of the Peripherals, Photo and Accessories department " Marvel-Distribution Alexander Rozov.

In terms of deliveries, the PC market has not yet reached the last year and "it is unlikely to achieve it in current realities," said IDC analyst Natalia Vinogradova.

At the same time, quantitative growth will not be so great – at the end of the year, 4.6 billion units will be sold to 4.1 billion last year and 7.2 billion in 2014.

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