Friday , October 7 2022

Nasdaq and VanEck launch Bitcoin Futures 2.0


The second largest stock exchange in the world, Nasdaq, has entered into a partnership with the securities company VanEck to launch new financial products, CoinDesk reports.

The partnership with two giants in the financial world was known during the conference Consensus: Invest organized by CoinDesk. VanEck Director of Digital Asset Strategy Gabor Gurbach announced the creation of "Regulated Termination Agreement Version 2.0". According to him, new financial products will appear on the market next year.

"I would like to note that we are investing a lot with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to develop new standards for storage and control", Added Gurbach.

According to him, the initiative should be regarded as a kind of "update" of current regulatory standards on the bitcoin futures market. He also points out that the SMARTS control system developed by Nasdaq will be used for new derivatives. The price will be based on the MVIS index developed by VanEck. Such an approach, I'm sure of Gurbakh, "will give confidence to regulators and organizations that want to enter the crypto currency market."

SMARTS is a software that supports many algorithms to automatically determine suspicious market activity, including spoofing and laundry. Gurbach calls this system for the big cop engine. According to him, this technique will make termination "fair and orderly".

The manager of VanEck did not indicate whether the new terms would be terminated (as in CME or CBOE) or deliverable (as in future Bakkt). However, he does not exclude that these financial products will be displayed on the market during the first quarter of next year.

Note that the decision of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of ETF, supplied with physical Bitcoins, developed by VanEck in collaboration with the blockchain company SolidX, should be made no later than February 27, 2019

"We are convinced that 2018 was a marketing year, then 2019 will be implemented"– concluded the head of VanEck.

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