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Mazda introduced a new generation of "three"

Mazda introduced a new generation troika

Photo: Mazda

The updated generation Mazda 3 is officially presented

The car got a petrol engine with compression ignition technology and a four-wheel drive.

Mazda introduced the fourth generation sedan and hatchback troika. The car is equipped with a petrol engine family SkyActive-X with compression ignition technology, rear suspension with a beam instead of a multi-coupled and four-wheel drive. This is what Autoua writes.

In the car there are features in the show car that affect both interior and exterior – grille, front and rear optics, a sloped tailgate and a similar form of rear rack.

The lounge is equipped with an 8.8-inch screen infotainment system.

The car's engine range has gasoline and diesel versions. Gamma gasoline engines include 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5-liter versions of Skyactiv-G. A diesel has a 1.8-liter Skyactiv-D.

The three are also expected to receive a 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine from the SkyActiv-X family. The power of the unit will be 190 hp and 230 Nm torque.

The car will enter the market in 2019. The first one who will be able to test it will be a resident of the United States.

Previously, Toyota reported a new generation of Corolla sedan, created on TNGA's modular architecture.

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