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Kiev day and night season 5 season 45 series from 11/27/2018 watch the net – part 2


Kiev day and night season 5 season 45 series from 11/27/2018 watch online – part 2 | Kiev day and night

video: Series 45. Part 2. "Kiev day and night." Season 5

Watch online series 45 from 11/27/2018 Kiev, day and night – part 2. Do not miss the 45 series season 5 Kiev, day and night | New channel

November 28th

In the 45th series on the 11/27/2018 season 5, Kiev, day and night, Vladimirovich and Albina met Inner's former colleague met to find out who her father's dad is. Max and Nastya came to the casting. Polina is following Nazar. Albina and Vladimirovich continue to search for the real father of the child Inna. Pasha and Sam spoke heart to heart. Polina found a secret file where Alina and her daddy …

In "Kiev day and night" it was a complete reboot! In the new series, new heroes. One of them is Maxim "Fizruk" Sosnovsky, already known for viewers of "Top Model in Ukrainian". By the way, if Kostya Voitenko, the right of serial voting, switched to Ukrainian last season, all serial heroes will speak in the new "close game". Love, friendship, betrayal and disappointment – Seriality will show real life and real problems for young people. Kiev day and night 5 season 45 series watching online.

Watch online the 45th Kiev series Day and Night Season 5

Series 45. Part 2.

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