Sunday , April 11 2021

“If you’m a loner, play pool.” Mechelen’s coach criticized Mariana Shved

“Mechelen” head coach Wouter Vranken criticized the team’s midfielder Marjan Shved.

“I will not waste any more time on him. The players and staff did everything to get Swedes into the team. But he sits over the team. He was regularly late for lessons. The players and staff talked to him several times, I talked to him privately, but we got no answer.

If you want to be alone you can, but then play pool or something. Then you have no place in this team, where everyone stands for each other. His arrogance only exacerbates the situation.

There are many players who do not push the maximum out of their careers, despite their qualities. This can also be such a story. If something clicks in his head, we will have a quality player “, – quoted by Wranken

Remember that the Swede stands for Belgian Mechelen on loan from Celtic.

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