Sunday , April 11 2021

Granddaughter Sophia Rotaru released the first song

Sofia Rotaru congratulated her granddaughter at such an event, glad that she decided to follow her footsteps. At such a young age, Sonya is already known as a model, often featured on the podium and titled "Best Model" in one of the Kiev competitions. Beautiful woman Very, very beautiful, and it's incredibly nice to see so cool pictures "," A nice figure, nice face "," The most cute and incredibly beautiful girl "," Miracle, beauty, class! The first excerpt from the song was published on the official page of star grandmother Sofia.

But there were also those who decided that the image chosen for her photography was very open. But in the past, the girl decided to follow her legendary grandmother's footsteps and make music. So the song will be presented after 4 days.

"Brother found the music – it was written by a guy in Los Angeles, the text was written by a guy from Australia". author text – a young resident in Australia. We have collected all this and recorded it in Kiev. The debut song is "Unbreakable", and was produced by his brother Sony, Anatoly.

Earlier it is said that Sofia Rotaru There was an attack right during the concert and the pop singer was acute at the hospital in the clinic with ischemic attack. She does not give up her own positions, but it seems that her time has been a long time – she is young and beautiful. Be happy! "," Sofia Mikhailovna, your Sophia is a good guy! Today's pop singer spends his life on them mom and grandmother.

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