Saturday , June 25 2022

Floyd Mayweather – American made a sensational decision on a career – the latest sports news


The legendary US boxer Floyd Mayweather announced that on December 31 he will be his professional debut in mixed martial arts. The 20-year-old Japanese boxer Tenshin Natsukawa will be the rival of the 41-year-old former champion in five major categories.

The match will be held within the framework of the competition, which holds the organization Rizin. This was announced at a press conference in Tokyo, where both fighters participated. "It was not easy to make this decision, but I am extremely pleased with this event. I want you to look forward to this incredible and exciting event," said Mayweather Yahoo! Japan.

Remember, Floyd Mayweather spent 50 boxing matches during his boxing career, scoring 50 wins. In August 2017, American fought against the then champion of the absolute fighting championship (UFC) Conor MacGregor, who was defeated by technical knockout in the 10th.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Russian fighter Habib Nurmagomedov challenged Floyd Mayweather and asked him to fight. At the same time, Americans agreed to organize such a match according to the booking rules.

In the evening of the team, Habib Nurmagomedov made a high statement about the fight against Floyd Mayweather.

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