Saturday , May 28 2022

Expectations that mini LED technology will come to smartphones this year did not occur | 1K


According to industry representatives, as the source refers to, expectations of mini-LED technology will come to smartphones this year have not been met. Initially, it was expected that the release of flagship smartphones with high resolution LCD monitors with mini LED backlighting will start before the end of this year. However, smartphone manufacturers are unwilling to accept this technology.

The reason is the price decrease for OLED displays, with which mini-LED backlit displays would compete. Chinese manufacturers have significantly lowered OLED prices, resulting in a reduction in the competitiveness of the paint board.

In order for mini-LED backlit LCD panels to compete with OLED panels, the cost of mini-LED backlighting modules must be reduced by at least 15%. This can be achieved by using fewer LEDs and improving the design of modules.

Source: IXBT

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