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Deforestation in Kiev awaits the police for the damage from the forest district Darnytsky


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Trees in Lesnoy are killed by chemicals and even with chainsaws

Deforestation in Kiev: The police are waiting for the damage from forestry

Kiev police commented on the scandalous situation with cutting of "sick forests" in the area of ​​Kyoto and Brovarsky Avenue. As we reported, at the end of October, a whole forest of damaged trees was found. trunks drill with electric drills and pour an unknown liquid into the holes, because of the trees that started to damage and wipe up massively.

Today, the forestry farmers saw two forests with chainsaws, which managed to cut several trees. To the place called the police.

"On arrival, the police did not find the timber. Two chainsaws were pulled back to the site as they threw and ran away. We did not consider all the information in the crime register. We did not count the number of trees we saw. We need information about how much damage caused by it unknown to lesnichestvo. Forestry should provide us with such information. Without this certificate, we can not open criminal proceedings under Article 246 – illegal logging, "said the Kiev police.

They hope forestry will provide all the documents within one day. Such a crime is punished with a maximum fine of 8.5 thousand hryvnias or prison from 2 to 5 years.

Remember earlier we reported it Unknown men with chainsaws foresters saw in the morning Thursday, November 8 Immediately on the site, the police called.

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