Saturday , January 22 2022

Blonde in pantaloons: Kamenskikh radically changed the picture – show business news – photo


The famous Ukrainian exhibitor Nastya Kamenskikh surprised the fans with their new photo.

The singer wrote on her Instagram page an image where she stood with long white hair in an image where she recorded her latest video for the song LOMALA.

The star is dressed in an open silver dress with a shade of beige. And also – meaty dense shorts.

"Fantastic news – another goal within the framework of the challenge is complete. I promised to make drastic changes to the image, and for filming the LOMALA video I went through three radical reincarnations. I personally liked this experience a lot, it was very rare and interesting, "says under overs.

The singer also appealed to fans and urged them not to be afraid of changes in life.

"Friends, at least you can be afraid of change! After all, something new, bright and good always comes for them. Otherwise, if you do not decide on experiments, you can never reach your potential. Therefore, I urge everyone to take risks and free themselves and discover a new inner self, "she wrote.

Subscribers of the star became discouraged and could not understand if Kamensky really became a blonde or just a temporary image change.

Fans were divided into opinions: some noted that the singer will get a new hair color, while others have criticized not only the color, but also the outfit.

"Shakira poured", "Not very easy", "In pantaloons? There is no shame to introduce something beautiful!", "The forest growth is one and a half times", "Very unusual and beautiful!", "It's a wig "It's already she was beautiful and bright and she did not go." "The length and the coach match her hair." But I love her black Beyonce is very similar. "" I liked it when the brunette "," Blond suits you " . 15 really! "," Wow, you have so long legs ", – write fans in the comments.

As previously reported by OBOZREVATEL, Nastya Kamenskikh pleased subscribers of a new photo. She took a selfie while studying – in the picture you can see a notebook with strange words.

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