Thursday , July 29 2021

Ani Lorak in Russia suspected of being pregnant – show business news – video, photo

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak shared Instagram's photos and videos from her rehearsal and prompted the fans to wonder if she was pregnant.

In black and white shots, the artist, along with the dancers from the dancers, moves to the line of the new song "The Dream".

"We prepare an interesting dance production for you", practiced practitioner and noted it as soon as the premiere was waiting for the audience.

Her subscribers considered singer's choreographic talents very doubtful, and some supporters suggested that the artist was in an interesting position.

Lorak's plastic is almost zero, Lorak does not know how to dance. He jumps and hopes on the stage, yes. And there are some hip-hop movements, commentators wrote.

It is known that choreographer Sasha Selivanova, director of the show ballet Lorak, was involved in placing the number. In one of the shots, the dancer helps the artist to stretch. In another shot, Lorac is standing by the window in a tight fitting jumpsuit.

Judging by the geotag to the photo on the side of the showball Lorac at Instagram, the rehearsal took place in Moscow. The singer herself did not mark her place of residence.

As OBOZREVATEL already reported, & # 39; & # 39; Girl from the highway "Lorak" was defeated by RosTV for an extreme mini in Moscow, showing backstage footage where they infect an extreme mini.

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