The great Donna came to support the friend actor and thank him.

A new photo of Alla Pugacheva appeared on the web, where she shot behind the scenes of a performance of one of Moscow's theaters in actor Oleg Menshikov.

In the picture, Prima Donna shakes Oleg's hand, and instead of the usual "horn" in such cases, she makes him an improvised "crown" over his head with all his five.

Thus, all Borisovna seemed to make it clear that she regards Oleg Menshikov as an outstanding actor, and she really enjoyed his achievement "Macbeth".

The premiere of the new show with Menshikov was held at Moscow's Yermolova Theater. Prima Donna was invited to the first show as a good friend of Oleg Evgenievich – in this he played a good interview with her.

In the comments on this photo, published on the web, both fans of the artisans were surprised, first of all the happy and flourishing mind of Alla Borisovna, and, second, how Menshikov had lost weight lately.

The editors discover that recently, the web was discussing a new portraits of the power of Primadonna Maxim Galkin: he appeared in a bold rocket image.
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