Wednesday , October 5 2022

"You think about six every 7 seconds" .. and other lies


Myths about medicine and misinformation do not end, and many tend to believe it, heard from either parents, family members or teachers or access from a website.

Science has opposed these unfounded myths and legends, which are still stuck in the minds of some people.

The following is a 15 year old superstition of health, according to Mind Body Green:

1. The man likes sex every 7 seconds
We sometimes wonder about who can believe in such an excessive assertion. No one can live normally if he continues to think about six every seven seconds. We can agree that men think of this issue more than women, but not so much.

2 – Only use analgesic when the pain becomes unlikely
No one will wait until his condition is worsened, and he must take painkillers when he feels pain. For patients with chronic problems, they should take the medication even before the pain begins.

3. The higher your weight, the slower is your food representation
We all believe that obese people have poor or slow food representation rates, but this term is scientifically wrong. In fact, metabolism is faster in obese people than those who are narrow.

4. Reading in the dim light hurts your vision
The site said that you should read in appropriate lighting because it is more comfortable, but it does not mean reading in dim light is harmful to the eyesight. Low light can make the focus harder and the same can happen under strong lighting. But it does not hurt anyway.

5. The light of the computer is hurting the eyes
Our mothers have always asked us not to work in front of the computer screens for a long time, because it hurts eyes and health in general. The data screens emit rays in very small amounts that can not damage our eyes at all. There is no connection between the radiation from the computer screen and the visual error.

6. Shampoo and conditioner can get rid of damaged extremities
The site confirmed that shampoo and conditioner, regardless of the goods being expensive and famous, can treat the injured hair extensions, and most of these products are making your hair silky and lighter and perhaps even more softer. The scissors are the only magical way to get rid of hair tips.

7 You should choose fresh products because they are healthier than frozen products
It is natural that some believe that fresh produce is healthier than frozen products, but studies have shown the opposite. In fact, the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables and even frozen meat products is no less than fresh produce.

8. Vitamins prevent colds and flu
There are many people who have explained health experts and advise them with cold or flu to take vitamin C. Pharmacy is full of vitamin C and other vitamins. Vitamin C strengthens our immune system, but it can not prevent or treat flu symptoms or colds.

9. Antibiotics can treat colds
The site said that this myth is naive to those who have an idea of ​​scientific logic, where colds are caused by viral infection while antibiotics work to fight bacterial infections, why these drugs fail to treat colds.

If a person swallows a toxic substance, it is advisable to vomit
Even if you feel comfortable in vomiting after food poisoning is common, if someone swallows the poison, it does not force him to vomit. This step can interfere with his condition because the toxins are often either acidic or alkaline, which can cause damage to the throat area and damage it more than the stomach that contains digestive juice that neutralizes the effects of poison.

11. Licking your wounds does not hurt you
When we lick a wound or a rope, we move all bacteria and bacteria from our mouths and saliva to the damaged tissue, and this is unhealthy.

12. If your naughty is green you have a viral infection
The color of mucus is strongly influenced by the protein content of the blood, so if you notice the next time a green color in the mucus is not afraid that your mucus has nothing to do with the presence of viral infection

13. You experience severe pain in a heart attack
Most heart attacks occur without any symptoms, making them more fatal. Most people who have had heart attacks have been reported to have mild, irritating pain that is nearer toothache or mild heartburn. Other symptoms of heart attack are pain in the upper left arm or the feeling of imminent death or anxiety.

14th Coffee reduces bone mass in children
This myth is used by smart parents to keep their children from drinking coffee, but there is no scientific evidence that coffee has a negative impact on bone density or mass. However, children should eat healthy beverages instead of coffee that is appropriate when the person is older.

15. Organic food is nutritious and does not contain pesticides
The idea that organic foods are healthy and insectless are more nutritional than misconceptions. In fact, organic farmers also use organic pesticides, which are sometimes more harmful to the environment than conventional pesticides.

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