Tuesday , April 20 2021

The UAE president issues new law on artificial intelligence

Cairo, Sputnik. The law, issued on November 10th, by UAE's WAM, aims to provide a safe and safe trial environment for future technology legislation that will contribute to the country's future ambitions and vision.

The Act aims to develop sound legislation that will provide a safe and clear experimental environment for future technologies and meet the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The law will be introduced and studied through the legislative laboratory, which will be launched early next year in cooperation with the Dubai Future Foundation.

Based on the results of the proposed legislation, its future course for further development and implementation in the state's regular legislative session, or radical modification of trial law, will be determined.

The legislative laboratory is the largest legislative laboratory to proactively shape the future through the development of mechanisms and legislation for future technologies, including self-driving legislation, legislation on artificial intelligence in healthcare, and legislation on printing, three-dimensional, in all forms and areas .

The "Legislation Lab" will work with federal and local government legislators, as well as the private sector and entrepreneurs, to develop legislation for future vital sectors that directly affect human life.

The laboratory will also create a reliable and open regulatory environment, introduce new legislation, develop existing legislation, organize new technical and technical areas of work and encourage safe investments in future sectors to support the vision of 2021 and 2071.

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