Sunday , December 6 2020

“The Indoing” takes Nicole Kidman back to the small screen – thought and art – cinema

After the huge success of “Big Little Lies”, the American screenwriter David E. Kelly has “The Indoing”, a new miniseries starring Nicole Kidman that also centers around a crime that rocks the velvet, this time in New York.

There are many similarities between the new work, which aired on Sunday by “HBO” in the United States, and “Big Little Lies”, which in its first season won four Golden Globes and eight Emmy Awards, according to “Euronews”.

Among these similarities is the existence of a micro-society based on money and strictly defined rules of conduct, to which an external party enters and strikes the stability of the whole system, after which secrets are revealed one by one and the masks fall.

The new series also marks the comeback of Nicole Kidman, who won awards for her composite role in “Big Little Lies.”

Kidman plays the character Grace Fraser, the psychotherapist who plays a central role in the story, while the main role is more collective in Big Little Lies.

Kidman, who participated in the production of the two series, explained to the Australian channel “Foxtel” that the new work “centers a lot on the female psychological path.”

As for the British actor Hugh Grant, who plays his husband, he said in statements to the “HBO” network that the new series is “a Scandinavian thriller, with a big mystery that I hope will give the desired result.”

The Scandinavian character is especially clear through the Danish director Susan Bear (“Brothers” and the short series “The Night Manager”).

David E. Kelly is the author of many successful series, including “Ali Macbill” and “Goliath,” for a new short series starring Nicole Kidman as well, adapted from Leanne Moriarty’s “Nine Perfect Strangers” novel.


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