Saturday , September 25 2021

The English Premier League is considering reducing the number of foreigners in the Premier League

The English Premier League plans to reduce the number of foreign players in the Premier League from 17 to 12, with a view to managing Britain's exit from the EU and increasing the number of local players, The Times reported on Tuesday.

If this proposal, which is expected to be presented to the clubs this week, will be implemented, this implies significant changes in many teams. It has 13 teams and more than 12 foreign players this season.

According to the report, FA will agree to give the clubs work permits, which is usually required for a player from outside the European Union, once a contract with his club in the Premier League.

If the clubs fail to reach an agreement with FA, they will meet the opportunity for all EU players to review the same procedures as other players to get the necessary work permits, "the report said.

British Prime Minister Theresa Mae said Monday that there were some things that had not been resolved on Britain's exit from the EU, as the negotiations between the two sides continued.

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