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The Emirates' sky is obsessed with seven moons


Abu Dhabi: The Gulf

In the context of its cultural season under the theme of "Zayed: People's Memory and Homeland Identity", the UAE author and literary association organized a party on the National Day held at the Union Branch at the National Theater in Abu Dhabi yesterday. It included an evening attending by Sameh Kawash, Meshaal Bin Amr, Najat Al-Faris, Najat Al-Dhahiri and Teral Preamble, its media director Mariam Bouayman Naimi.
On the party, the Federation organized a third-party children's art workshop, the first reading of Baba Zayed's story, which featured a simplified biography of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, presented by Samah al-Saba in the Arab House project. Third part: It featured a drawing workshop titled "Mural in Love of the Emirates", presented by artist Salma Al-Banna. The workshop's results were presented during the exhibition Technicians will be in a week.
Mohammed Shuaib Al Hammadi, chairman of the Writers Union Board of Abu Dhabi, said: "We are a part of society and its homogeneous fabric. Therefore, celebration of the national day includes all social groups. In addition to the organization of a poetry festival, where the federation hosts a constellation by poets from union members, working and associating as an extension of the generation follow-up to the continuity of the celebration of the national occasion, our heart and diversity of activities between children on the one hand and adults on the other hand.
The evening was opened by the poet Meshaal bin Amr, where he sang his Nabataean poems, UAE's honor and wisdom leadership and the country's martyrs, reading the poem "the biography of glory", which says in the beginning:

Continue Dar Al Ola Kaddam
It is enough from the simplest of your actions
Raffi pride with the flag tab
Heaven is full of glory
He has made you rich, you are the oppressed tribe
And the beauty of your Jalk

The poems were read by the poet Talal Dalajah, the "Martyrs Wedding", which ends with the saying:

Emirates Land Attic Castle
Disobedience in war and cruelty
We need you, my country, the spring of spring
And delivered from disgust and intruders
Look, we have built him a powerful union
With their men in the uncle chair

The poet Najat Al-Dhahiri participated in the poem "Rifaat Hobak", where she sang the love of science, the symbol of pride and dignity.

From the green soul to the white line
From red heart to black ink
You have raised your love for Israel
From the height it has a back on my chest
And the wind in my hair, and also of the Sariti
If he gives joy my country is my hair

Sameh Kaouash read a poem in love to the Emirates said in the beginning:

Emarat argues everywhere
Culture and development
Think of her successor
And the determination of Mohammed Sham's tender
This was where Azzons history was met
For its leader faces of Dia

The night of poetry was concluded with the poet Najat Al-Faris with a poem entitled "Seven Satellites" that she gave to the precious Emirates on her 40th birthday.
Seven satellites / light filled the horizon / Sanabel / and the garden song / Ya Zabia minimum / How did you feel the sand / meaning of life? / How did you learn the dark / to disappear / when the brotherhood? / Presence / and precedence / Protect yourself from the night / love / waterfalls of prayer / free / united / talking about Nham / in space / Galiti happy vacation.

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