Saturday , September 25 2021

Sharjah stamps. Collection of 120 amateurs and stamps

The ninth edition of the Sharjah Sharjah Porto Exhibition, organized by the Mega Mega Mall in Sharjah in collaboration with the UAE Stamp Collectors Association, was launched today with the participation of local, regional and international collectors for stamps, coins and collectors from 17 Arab and foreign countries. Stamps, coins and accessories for this hobby, which finishes its effectiveness 17 this month.
This year's exhibition features unique and rare collections of stamps celebrating the Year of Zayed, as well as a wide variety of rare and rare stamps, chronic events and events in all countries of the world,
"Palestine Post" will be honored guest at the exhibition in a unique participation. The first of its kind will enable the amateur to identify the main stations associated with post history in Palestine and the acquisition of stamps and for the first time participate in the exhibitions courts and exhibitors from Indonesia and Singapore. Rare collections of stamps are owned by the top companion in the area.
The exhibition includes a rare auction of rare collections of stamps and coins, lectures and training seminars. Some of them are selected by international arbitrators and coordinators who visit Sharjah's Emirate specifically for annual events. The new edition is part of three international and Arab companies specializing in currency analysis, US PMG, PCGS Currency and DIM Saudi Arabia, the first Arab paper valuation company. Everyone will be very interested in collecting paper currencies to evaluate their currencies to preserve their physical value and do not guarantee exposure to time factors.
The Director of Marketing at the Center, Mohammed Sorour, said: "We are pleased with our annual monitoring of the Sharjah Porto Exhibition. We welcome all guests from and outside the UAE, who will also be able to enjoy the facilities and services of Mega Mall. The management of the Center gave many facilities for guests and participants, as well as for the larger number of visitors who are expected to visit Sharjah specifically for the show.
He added that the exhibition strengthens Sharjah's position as a leading destination for tourism, shopping and interest in cultural identity-related hobbies. It has become the primary goal of philately lists and coins who want to expand their collections and acquire valuable and rare items along with regular publications. Year to year, as well as the steady increase in the number of visitors, prove that these hobbies still have fans and their big audience.

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