Sunday , October 2 2022

Service initiatives that shape future government


Abu Dhabi: The Gulf

The UAE government has taken the initiative to develop an integrated digital platform, including a digital signature and a special transaction system, three development initiatives in the service sector, aimed at improving the collaboration of smart government improvements: Digital Confidence Platform, Trader. "
Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, General Director of TRA, stressed that the annual meetings of the UAE government at its second session emphasize the complementarity between efforts between government agencies to speed up developments in key areas.
This came during a meeting with the Smart Task and Digital Infrastructure Task Force, which focused on the "Future Government" axis.
The initiative adopted the initiative to develop a federal law on e-signature and e-trust services within the "Digital dealer law" initiative, which supports the identification of sources of information. The initiative also adopted the establishment of e-mail for individuals and institutions to include e-warnings, e-mail, and a unified platform accessible through mobile application, the Internet or other channels, allowing users to select and customize email from the government .

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