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Opening of the "International Forum on Cities and Heritage in the Arab Countries" in Essaouira, Morocco (Photos)


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"The International Forum on Cities and Heritage in the Arabs" opened in the ancient city of Essaouira, Morocco, under the patronage of His Highness, Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler Sharjah, and Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of the Morocco Association of Archeology and Heritage.

Organizers of the forum

The Forum is organized jointly by the region's Center for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab World and the Moroccan Association of Archeology and Heritage in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Communications, with contributions from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, the Academy of Morocco, the National Institute of Archeology and Heritage, Essaouira Mogador Association, and Regional and Regional Cultural Directorate.


The Forum will participate in the Arab Republic of Egypt, along with 15 Arab countries and a number of international experts.

Forum Events

The three-day contest (from November 26 to November 28, 2018) will include a number of lectures and panel discussions aimed at identifying and highlighting the effective and influential factors that contribute to the conservation and promotion of urban heritage in Arab cities. Sharing experiences and experiences sharing solutions to common challenges and presenting case studies from the Arab region aimed at preserving the quality of life in historic districts and cities as the most appropriate way to promote this heritage and achieve sustainable development.

Experience and participation in society

The forum was launched in two main meetings, the first consisting of a series of introductory lectures focusing on legacy and community participation and initiated by Zaki Aslan, Head of Ikrum Center, Sharjah,
Following a lecture by Fouad Malkawi about the World Bank's activities to balance the development and preservation of historical cities and a lecture on Christina Emendi's historical urban landscape, Fayja Bijawi said about the community's participation in the conservation of urban heritage. As a catalyst for Hassan Radwan's urban sustainability.

Preventive archeology in Morocco

The second session focused on case studies from North Africa, in particular Morocco, and included a series of lectures on prevention of archeology in Morocco, the study of the memory of cities, world heritage sites and a special lecture on Marrakech, which includes two main methods of conservation and transport, in Fez. The lecture also featured a lecture on the conservation and appreciation of an outstanding urban heritage: the navigator and a final lecture entitled "From Mazigan to the New: A Path of World Heritage.

Live visit

The event included a visit to the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah Museum in Essaouira and the opening of a photographic exhibition entitled The Day of Destruction: The Shadow of Heritage organized by the Regional Center for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab World, In Five Middle East Countries, namely Libya, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Yemen, before and after being destroyed to reveal the extent of the damage to these sites.
The exhibition documents important cultural and cultural heritage sites that have been injured or destroyed as a result of armed conflicts, lack of understanding and lack of respect for others or lack of awareness about these places, and the material and moral significance of the sites not only for the affected states but for the whole humanity.
The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness by showing the destruction and damage to these places to emphasize the need for the international community to act quickly and collectively to protect, restore and preserve these taxes for future generations.

Emphasize the importance of the forum

His share, André Azoulay, adviser to Morocco's King and founding president of Essaouira Mogador, said in his opening speech about the importance of this forum and thanked all the organizers and participation in their activities.
"We are very proud that the Essaouira heritage was formed by a series of civilizations that have been through the country for centuries, and our strength is at the heart of our diversity," he said.

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