Wednesday , May 18 2022

Lopez and Antiochumbo lead Pax to a tough victory over Nuggets


Paul Milesap of Denver Nuggets (No. 4) is trying to catch Milwaukee Bucks by Milwaukee Bucks (number 17) during NBA playoffs on Sunday night. Reuters Photo from USToday Sports.

(Reuters) – Brooke Lopez scored 28 points and Yannis Antitokombo scored 22 points and nine rebounds to lead Milwaukee Bucks to a 121-114 victory over Denver Nuggets on Sunday night.

Chris Middleton had 21 points and Malcolm Brogdon had 20 points for Pax.

Paul Melsap scored Nuggets with 25 points and eight rebounds, while Nikola Jokić scored 20 points and replaces Tri Liles 16.

Prepared by Ahmed Maher for the Arab publication

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