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Ismail's foreigners position after contracting with African and Colombian in the winter

Posted by Network Informative News Thursday, November 15, 2018 01:06

Officials of Isma Club, with Ibrahim Osman, have announced that a Colombian nationality player and one of the African countries will be on the offensive to consolidate the first football team during the coming winter transfer period.

In the Ismaili list this season, four foreign players are Ghana defenders Richard Bafour, Tunisian game champion Saad Jaziri, Nigeria striker Okiki Afolabe and cameraman striker Christopher Mindoga.


Brazilian coach Jorvan Vieira will have to add two foreign players so the club can get the new pair.

Europort Arabia reported that coach Jorvan Vieira had decided for the dismissal of Nigerian striker Okiki Afolabe in January after the player failed to prove his fortunes with Darwish fast since joining the team in Mirkato last summer. Of the game basically.

Afoulabi, who moved to the Ismaili club last summer from Ethiopia's Jema Kittema team for four seasons, played for Dervishes this season in five games where he did not make a single goal.

Al-Darwish's technical team will be among Ghanaian duo Richard Bafour and Tunisian playmaker Saad Jaziri who will be dismissed in January.

Arabsport Arabia like Richard Bafour is closest to leaving the Darwish castle about the club to strengthen the team with a special defender during the winter's transition period due to the recent damage caused by the player lately, which was the latest injury to the pain in the knee joint of the knee that has kept him away from the team for one and a half months, Saad al-Jaziri saw a good level in the games he has participated since the beginning of the season, where he participated in 11 games, making 3 goals.

Darwish's technical team decided the survival of the cameraman striker Christopher Mindoga after the player proved worthy of being Ismail's first striker of the season.


Minduja moved to Ismaili last summer from the Tunisian team Kairouan for 3 years in a free player move. He played 16 matches in various local and Arabic tournaments and scored 4 goals.

Ismaili officials are keen to strengthen the team in strong agreements during the coming winter's transition period to help the club appear at a wonderful level in the second round of league championship and to compete for Egypt and the Arab championships and the Champions League.

Vieira had asked the Dervishes boss to support the team with five super offers in the center of the defense, the game champion, the attack line, the goalkeeper and the right back to compensate for the team's lack of numbers.

On the other hand, Vieira will arrive to Ismailia today, having received a short leave of 72 hours to travel to the UAE.

Vieira is scheduled to play in the friendly match scheduled for 21 November in Ismailia Stadium in the Premier League 15th week.

Vieira tries to get the players out of the bad mood they go through after losing their last two Premier League matches against Wadi Degla 3-1 in the 13th week in the league and against the frontiers for a 14-0 victory.

Ismaili is 14th in the ranking with 13 points from 3 wins and 4 draw and five defeats. The players scored 10 goals and scored 15 goals and had two extended matches against both Egyptian and Egyptian sides.

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