Monday , January 17 2022

Fatalities due to swine flu


The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip,
There were 12 cases of swine flu, within two areas of the sector, and some cases were detected
She has already died of the virus.

The head of the State Information Office in the sector
Gaza, Salama Maou arouf, that "it has been proven by the official medical authorities to check and monitor attendance
Influence cases
H1N1) Or what is called swine flu within two areas of the sector
Gaza ".

He added that "the damage does not exceed 12 cases,
Which led to a number of deaths due to the weakness of immunity as a result of chronic diseases
Especially in the heart or respiratory system or age and old age and all the consequences of follow-up
Diligent from the competent authorities of the Ministry. "

"In the light of the reality he lives
As a result of the siege, the Ministry of Health is not equipped with drugs that are very effective in reducing it
The symptoms of the virus are specifically Tamiflu, and there are great efforts to give it to community
Many destinations ".

According to Palestinian sources, at least 6 cases
Died as a result of the virus and noted that the lack of medical capacity in the Ministry of Health
Prevent early detection and handling of cases.

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