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Dawn Gate: Yalla Shot The match of Egypt and Tunisia (African Nations qualifiers) live broadcast

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Egypt led by Mohammed Salah, the star of Liverpool and the Tunisian team live on Friday, November 16, 2010
In the African Cup of Nations 2019 without cutting, broadcast live and watch the match in Egypt and Tunisia –
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Joined by Mohamed Salah and Tunisia Live on Friday, 16-11-2018, Egypt
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Egypt team to win for the kidnapping of the top of the group Tunisia after determining qualifications
Officially to the African Championship, when the two teams meet at the Burj Al Arab stadium
On Friday, 16-11-2018.

Short match Egypt and Tunisia today

Match Live Egypt match led by Mohamed Salah and Tunisia. Yalla Shot Direct Watch
Match Egypt and Tunisia live on Friday, November 16, 2010 without cutting the YouTube link
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In conjunction with the fifth round of the 2019 African nations, Yalla Shot is sent live
Watch Egypt against Tunisia without a final cut, see Egypt match joints of Mohamed Salah and Tunisia
Today in the fifth round of the 2019 African nations, held
In the arena Burj Al Arab for the Egyptian team.

Egypt and Tunisia match today

Championship: African Nations Qualifiers 2019

Transport channels: BN Sport 8 – BEIN SPORTS HD 8

Suspended Match: Not specified

Stadium: Burj Al Arab (Alexandria)

Time: 18:00 Egypt time

Time: 19.00 Saudi time

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Expected setup:

The formation of the Egyptian team: –

Goalkeeper: Mohammed Al Shennawi.

Defense: Ayman Ashraf, Baher Al-Mohammadi, Amr Tariq and Ahmad Al-Mohammadi.

Midfielders: Mohamed El Nini, Ali Ghazal, Tariq Hamed, Amr Warda and Mahmoud Trezeguet.

Attack: Marwan Mohsen.

Tunisia team formation:

Goalkeeper: Farouk Ben Mustapha

Defense line: Hamdi Alnqaz – Osama Haddadi – Dylan Bron – Yassin Meriah

Middlefield: Elias Sukhairi – Ghailan Al Shaalali – Naeem Al Saliti – Bassam Al Sarrafi

Offensive: Fakhreddine Ben Youssef –
Taha Yassin Al-Khanisi.

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Egypt and Tunisia match the African nations Egypt vs Tunisia match in 2019 on Friday
Live broadcast without cutting.

Match Egypt – Live

Match Egypt and Tunisia directly, will be available solely on BEIN SPORTS HD 8 with
Following the recent preparations of the two teams, especially as Egypt wants to start after the World Cup
On a new way.

The match between Egypt and Tunisia is preceded by the live broadcast of an analytical studio
BEIN SPORTS hd 8 Put the law before the game and how they play in addition to the publication of multiple reports
Exclusive and special statistics for colleagues assigned to cover the game.

You can watch the meeting on the channel HD 8 In Arabic at three o'clock
Tuesday afternoon

Matches in Egypt and Tunisia live in the most important matches on Friday 16-11-2011 in the fifth round
From the qualifications to the 2019 African Nations Cup in Cameroon
Here with all good deeds:

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