Sunday , October 2 2022

«Crescent» provides assistance to 1000 families in Dali


The UAE Red Crescent Association (ERCS) has sent a helpless convoy to 1000 families in the Jahaf district of the Al-Dhala County Council as part of the November plan of the Commission to help 5000 families in a number of districts and districts.

The UAE support group, which includes 1,000 food baskets, is targeted at poor and needy families from the Jahaf district, one of the poor and resource-poor districts, and most residents have difficulty providing basic necessities due to rising prices and deteriorating economic conditions.

Nabil Al-Afif, Deputy Deputy Governor of Al-Dhala Governorate and Coordinator of the UAE Crescent in the Province, said: The food baskets that included 1000 families in Jahaf are part of the UAE support series presented to Al-Dhala in November, and the continuation of projects and service and development work provided by the UAE Crescent Authority Leading in the humanitarian work that is inexhaustible, which has contributed significantly to addressing many of the problems.
Sheikh Abdullah Hassan al-Qadri Sheikh Jahaf, on behalf of sheikhs and dignitaries, commended this humanitarian gesture from the United Arab Emirates to relieve 1,000 families in the directorate and added that thousands of sufferers demand more support and emphasize their confidence in continuing to meet the needs of to help those who need. New to Zayed's children and people's children.
Beneficiaries expressed their appreciation and appreciation for the UAE's efforts.
In addition, half moon computer labs at Shabwa Education and Oil Schools provided laptops in the framework of UAE's support to the education sector in the province and provided all the necessary resources for university students. Sultan Al Nuaimi, Shabwa's half-government agency representative, said supporting the education process is one of the priorities for the government's efforts in the Yemeni arena due to its major impact on the construction and development of New Yemen.
The members of the Education and Oil Faculty of the Shabwa Governor emphasized that this support contributes to scientific and technological development, thanking Crescent for its efforts in various development and humanitarian areas in the liberated Yemeni provinces.

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