Monday , January 25 2021

Amal al-Qubaisi discusses with a Chinese official how to strengthen parliamentary relations

During his meeting with Liu Jian, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Congress in Jiangsu Province, HE Dr Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi discussed ways to strengthen parliamentary relations between the two councils to achieve cultural and cultural communication and develop relations in all sectors . At different levels.

During the meeting under the official visit of the delegation accompanying the People's Republic of China, Her Excellence emphasized the importance of enhancing joint cooperation on par with parliamentary and legislative work and coordination in international conferences and forums and strengthening political and diplomatic relations. And noted the role of the two houses in international forums and their positions in support of issues of common interest, in particular the promotion of international peace and security.

He said that Jiang Su province is one of the most advanced provinces in China and is the first in terms of population size and economic size, equivalent to 10% of China's total economic size. It is considered to be an important and advanced base in many areas, especially technology and education. The number of universities and institutions amounted to 176 universities and institutions.

Her Excellence President of the Federal National Council sent an official invitation to Liu Jian to visit the UAE and Federal National Council and welcomed the invitation.


Her Excellence Dr Amal and the accompanying delegation visited the Chinese Wall, one of the biggest sights in human history during its official visit to the People's Republic of China, which started last Saturday.

Her Excellence Tour and the delegation accompanying the council in parts of the fence, built in stages of more than two thousand years and stretching tens of thousands of kilometers.

And listened to the Chinese officials to explain the definition of fence and building history and the most important monuments in the castle walls and bell tower, and noted that the construction of the Great Wall construction has been in various terrain and passes through the mountains and desert and cliff rivers. According to their topography.

After the visit, Her Excellence played a speech in the ceremony register that expressed her happiness and members of the delegation of the Federal National Council to visit the Chinese Wall, one of the world's seven wonders with its historical and cultural characteristics spanning more than two thousand years. It is a rare project in human architecture history.

A banquet

The Standing Committee of the Chinese House of Representatives in Jiang Su Province held a dinner in honor of HE Dr Amal Al Qubaisi, President of the Federal National Council and the accompanying delegation. Her Excellence Council delegation was received by Wei Ju Kia Ng, Vice President of the Chinese House of Representatives, Jiang Su Province, City Leader and a number of provincial MPs.

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