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7 things to avoid in your interview .. and make sure your job is yours


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During the interview you can experience the most crucial moments of his life, especially if he is interviewing for a job or applying for membership.

As this is the most important step, you must be well prepared with sufficient knowledge and experience of what is happening in these interviews. It's not enough to get a high degree of appreciation to get the job and you can make mistakes and simple mistakes that cause you to fail in the functional interview.

Here are the 7 mistakes you avoid, you will certainly be successful in interviewing your company:

1 • Long-term call
Do not try to talk about things you did not ask, for example, do not talk about places you've already rejected, bad places on time or meetings, or the issues and difficulties you encountered while studying and looking for a job.

2 • Lack of seriousness
You have to add some of the main points in the interview, the official is best during the interviews, compared to the laughter and the role of joke and humor, it can reflect on you the character of ruthlessness and disrespect for any person.

3 • Continuous rejection
It is possible to submit a job and the interview is to ask your opinions and ask about your opinion rather than a definition of yourself and clarify your person, do not try in any case or opinion that they ask you to contradict the policy at the site below advance of excellence.

4 • Disclaimer of Terms
In job interviews, they often seek the owner of a strong personality with good opinions and standard principles, so do not try to compromise any of the terms you want in exchange for acceptance at work.

5 • Special problems
Be careful to appear in front of your career interviewer with some of your shortcomings. For example, do not tell them that you can not master any things in your field, because with practice and endurance you will distinguish yourself in this.

6 • Frequency in question
If you want to ask about some of the things that are important to you, do not hesitate to ask about them because they are one of your lowest rights.

7 • Talk about other possibilities
If you are nominated for that position, you need them so you do not know when you talk to them that you do not want to work for them or that you have found other opportunities that were better for them.

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