Sunday , January 24 2021

5 precautions to avoid the risk of lightning strike. The most important thing not to use the phone

Abu Dhabi Police and the National Crisis and Crisis Management Authority have warned of five actions that must be avoided during thunder to avoid the risk of tearing: the use of telephone, electrical appliances, standing under high trees, outdoors or in high places, relating to metal objects, and railways .

In your emergency guide, which contains guidelines for preventive disaster prevention, the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Office said that in the event of a thunderstorm you should act deliberately and seek a safer place of refuge, avoid getting close to metal objects or hiding Under a tall tree.

"Flash is the dazzling light that suddenly occurs in the heart of heaven when the weather is disturbed. It is a powerful spark caused by a two-cloud collision, one carrying a negative electric charge and the other positive. This light follows a loud voice from The sky's direction, called Thunder, Together is called Thunderbolt.

"In the event of thunderstorms, individuals must enter the nearest building, avoid standing or sitting under trees or in open spaces, and the need to install lightning ceilings on buildings and cars," said Abu Dhabi police.

She stressed the need to avoid standing near the telephone pole or power unit when using the phone, not standing in a high surface and away from the metal and iron wires.

And called for "to take the greatest precautions and precautions for the lightning and lightning and weather and weather monitoring and can propose the presence of storms such as cloud cloud proliferation or hearing distant distances or looking at the lightning in some distance", stressing the need for to follow the General Safety and Prevention Requirements instructions using appropriate materials for the construction of farms and individual and related facilities.


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