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Your habit of habitat can vary depending on stress


Stress can lead to many discomfort, but also changes in the habit of eating. One of the main causes of stress, gas, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, such as symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, social life can adversely affect.

Memorial Atasehir Hospital Department of Gastroenterology Dr. Genco Gençdal, irritable bowel syndrome known as the public "Irritable Towel Syndrome" provided information about.

Your child may be present during the examination period

Gençdal, "Irritable Towel Syndrome", called restless bowel syndrome among humans, is a chronic disease that is not very difficult to diagnose because the cause is unclear, because many different mechanisms are suspected, the most important is stress. Common irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, abdominal gas and bloating, indigestion, change in the habit of defecation (diarrhea obstruction), toilet rate and pallet changes in the form are manifested with symptoms that rest after the toilet. he said.

Can be mixed with various diseases

"Rustless bowel syndrome, laboratory tests, examination, advanced radiological or endoscopic imaging of the large intestine, stomach, small intestine is not a symptom of any disease." "More than 6 months of complaints, restless bowel syndrome," constipation dominant "," dominant diarrhea "or mixed (both diarrhea and constipation dominant) There are 3 types of symptoms: restless bowel syndrome, intestinal parasites, allergic diseases, allergy to milk and milk products, gastrointestinal cancers (gastrointestinal cancer, gastrointestinal, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas) can be mixed with serious diseases like. Similar symptoms may occur in people who have undergone wound surgery. "Use expression.

Stress with attacks can continue

Gençdal said, "Although there is no special treatment for restless bowel syndrome, pain reliever drugs are usually used. If there is diarrhea, an anti-constipation medication is given if there is diarrhea. In patients with restless bowel syndrome due to stress, restless bowel repairs occur when stress continues.

Rustless bowel syndrome is generally a lifelong disease. The response to treatment may vary depending on the patient's activity, mental state and duration of illness. At least 2 months, the patient is asked to use the drugs and then decide if he or she does not continue taking the drugs according to the control. The main point of treatment is to establish the trust relationship between the doctor and the patient. If the patient trusts his doctor and accepts the diagnosis of restless bowel syndrome, attacks are less experienced. It is one of the best treatment methods for explaining the patient's bowel syndrome to the patient in detail. (İLKHAN A)

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