Sunday , May 22 2022

Volkswagen is shifting production to Turkey! – Car news


Autonomous and electric vehicle competitions among the car brands raise new partnerships in the sector every day. The German car giant Volkswagen (VW), who is preparing to compete with Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, has more than one plan to compete with Tesla.

Consequently, VW aims to sell more vehicles from Tesla in the near future by selling electric vehicles of less than 20,000 euros (22,000 $ 836). According to Reuters, German production of battery doors is also in discussion with SK Innovation and Ford.

FORD will produce VW FORD

So far, the negotiations on the Ford-VW Strategic Partnership have been ongoing for some time. Sources say that with Ford, one of the two biggest brands in the US market, Volkswagen, Europe's largest brand, strives to get rid of a huge cost by producing electric and autonomous vehicles at each other's factory.

In this context, the production of T6 Transporter, manufactured at the VW Hanover factory, can be transferred to the Gölcük factory where Ford Otosan produces Transit to create space for the manufacturer's electrical valve, ID Buzz. In order to implement the plan, VW should convince the unions, which make up half of the board.


Volkswagen is currently working on converting Emden, Zwickau and Hanover factories to production ready for electric cars. The brand is equal to the MEB entry üretim electric car, called "sayesinde MEB entry Mark", is expected to have a production capacity of 200,000 units thanks to the transformation in the factories. VWs other electric vehicles, I.D. Aero, Passat & production will be produced at the facility registered. Thanks to the efforts, VW is intended to be transformed from the largest internal combustion engine manufacturer in Europe to the continent's leading electric car manufacturer.


The largest of 126 factories in Europe, where the current combustion engine is produced, is known as the Kessel factory in VW, where 112,000 people work. It is known that a total of 436 thousand employees are involved in car factories. However, due to the fact that electric car production is completed in less time than those with internal combustion engines, it is stated that the termination of the brand may be on the agenda. Sources near the company report that the future of VW will take place on November 16th.


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