Sunday , October 2 2022

They watched the young girl die like a movie:


The event occurred in a business center on Süheyla Erel Street in the town of Ereğli. According to the claim, M.K. come to the business center after discussing with friends on the lunch break. After a while, the young girl released the concrete floor on the 7th floor of the business center.

The citizens announced that the medical laws on the control of the young girl lost their lives. Friends of the upper secondary school who had been buried in tears, while the father who came to the scene clung to his daughter said, r What did you do? What can I do without you? Ben shouted. The mother of the young girl who came to the scene had a nervous breakdown.


Melis K .: s 10th grade students from the Central American High School on Social Media "and I have lived for a girl who would die to share, be determined.

Hundreds of people gathered around the crime scene after the suicide of the young girl saw the work of the police and health club watching movies.

Although the police repeatedly warned the curious citizens to try to see the incident close, the crowd did not fail.

The lifeless body of high school students was examined by the ambulance and Kdz. Ereğli was taken to the state hospital.


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