Friday , October 7 2022

The claim that caused the world has confused China! They have gathered …


Speaking at an event organized by the Chinese government, Şü said that the genetically modified childbirth was "shocking" and stated that they acted in partnership with the relevant institutions.

Şü recalls that the genetic modification of human embryos was banned in 2003 by an arrangement made in the country. "We had an urgent meeting last night. It is important to understand what is the concrete situation in this area.

He said that if the alleged infants were born, this would certainly go through the ban.

The researcher's claims are broken

This regulation of the Chinese government in 2003 states that only experimental research can be performed on the human embryo, but the embryonic growth period may not exceed 14 days.

Yesterday, the researcher at the South University of Science and Technology (SUST) in Shincin, Guangdong Province, China, claimed that the sperm of low-level HIV infected fathers was removed from the risk of HIV and that the sperms clustered with the egg in the laboratory to form an embryo.

In embryos, H1, which expressed that they play genetic genetics to prevent HIV transmission caused by AIDS, suggested that the first twin bone from embryos was born this month.

Following the incident, the Chinese National Health Commission had asked the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission to initiate an investigation of allegations and reported that the results should be shared with the public without delay.

HI's claims, 122 Chinese researchers, with a common statement "madness" that were evaluated, says SUST in a statement of the study "shocking" was considered a serious violation of academic ethics and norms stressed.

The names of the families of genetically modified children with the names of Lulu and Nana in the accusation's focus are unknown.

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