Tuesday , August 16 2022

Support from İşbank to the economy over 400 billion pounds


Turkey, according to a statement from Business Bank, the bank's nine-month assets this year, an increase of 22.7 percent compared with the end of last year, 444.3 billion pounds, while the bank "Turkey's largest private Bank" has retained its position.

During this period, the bank's cash loans amounted to SEK 291.3 billion, while non-cash loans increased to LIT 111.5 billion. Thus, the total amount of funds İşbank offered through loans to the economy amounted to TL 402.8 billion.

İşbank increased its deposit volume by 19.3 percent compared with the end of last year and increased to 243 billion. During the same period, the Bank successfully managed borrowing transactions by issuing securities and credit supply on domestic and international markets by effectively utilizing non-deposit resources to diversify resource structure and manage funding costs.

Despite the negative conditions created by fluctuations in the financial markets, İşbank maintained its strong financial structure and showed a net profit of kr. 4.6 billion for 9 months in the current year. During the same period, the bank's capital size amounted to SEK 46.6 billion. İşbanks capital adequacy ratio, which maintains its strong capital structure and continues to manage its risks effectively, was in line with 17.4 percent at the end of September.

İşbanks Secretary General Adnan Bali, who expressed his views in the statement, said that at a time when the trust economy in the national economy became even more important, İşbank continued to support the economy widely from household needs to finance its major investments.

The bank, during the third quarter of this year, also maintains a handful and selective approach, on the other hand, stated that care to allocate resources that takes into account the efficiency factors in Bali, "its business since its inception," Turkey Bank "is characteristic of country and value added to create objects for the economy Business Bank, in the coming period to assume leadership of the national bank and trust most in Turkey will continue to be one of the institutions needed. "found in the evaluation.

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