Tuesday , August 16 2022

Resurrection Koeman – Sports News


1- PHILLIP Cocu is gone, Valbuena was cool! Koeman did not know what he was doing with this man in a few days, but the French star returned to his old days and became the star in the Anderlecht game. If he continues to play this, he will return Fenerbahçe to life in the league.
2- KOEMAN gave a successful test against Anderlecht after the derby. Anderlecht has made the team very well prepared …
If you win the match of Alanyaspor on Sunday, your life in Fenerbahçe will be in at least January.
3 – ELJiF Diamond, Jailson & # 39; un played the day when he announced the sentence "I'm here" gave the message. He never loses his concentration. Very easy to play in the middle of the field to eliminate the lack of a great world star will have the potential.
4- When FENERBAHÇES strikes will retain shape, the issue is still up to date. Slimani spends his time at the handshake, Frey's defense is good, but it's almost no crime.
It is a must for Fenerbahçe to have two players to score.
5- LATEST POINT Fenerbahce supporter … Derbena who died in Derb's in perfect farewell. As the football team is also in Nazi, 22-year-old Fenerbahce Koray made the best point in this season a fine farewell.

My. 71 VALBUENA 1-0
Valebena wanted to hit Ayew's head from the left but could not move and the ball hit directly with the Anderlecht network.

My. 74 FREY 2-0
Valbuena, the front area, won the ball before the pressure and then gave the pass to Frey in Swiss players to score in the empty goal.

Fenerbahce was victorious after 35 days. On October 4 he played Spartak Trnava 2-0 in Kadıköy after a yellow-lacivertliler.

G.Saray derby, as well as yesterday's one-goal meeting, helps to mark the UEFA Twitter account for Valbuena, "F.Bahçe & nin hero" made the comment. In the two games, the French star, who caught 87.5 percent, passed the success rate, made 6 the middle. G.Saray match 60, Anderlecht met 63 times against the ball.

Koeman said that he had taken a decision on Benzia, which is not on the list, as follows: "Basically, Benzi's decision is mine.

Frey, the second goal in F.BAHCE, Assassin, who helped the goal, thanks to Valbuena. The 24-year-old expressed his feelings after the meeting: "I think we are the one who is best against Anderlecht. Valbuena has created a very good position and it is up to me to move, I think I should like to thank Valbuena. We have a very good performance and a good character. We have to continue to this association and win the match in Alanyaspor. "At the same time, Valbuena applauded the tribunals when he left the game. President Ali Koç and the Board members also gave a standing ovation.

There were emotional moments in the matchbox. G.Saray derayı who lost his life Koray's brother Eray Şener thanked the players. Koeman said, "Korayens spirit will always be in the locker room. We will always feel next to us in our next match."

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