Friday , October 7 2022

Resurrection Ertugral's new episode trailer (November 28, 2018)


Resurrection Ertugrul trailer video showed that Ertugrul Gazi will try to get rid of the games for him. Ertuğrul Gazi, who makes great efforts to restore peace in Söğüt and the surrounding regions, will again face obstacles. Here is the resurrection Ertugrul new episode of commercials and all the developments that will take place this week İşte



The tension between Kayılar and Umuroğulları had been safe after Ilbilge Hatun had accidentally encountered Ertuğrul. Ertuğrul had learned İlbilge and had to do with him. On the other hand, Osman and prosecutor, Ertugrul, had Dragos Dragos & # 39; hands survived the men. Turgut and Mergen infiltrated the Mongolian commanders to seize the key to the secret chest of Ertuğrul's orders, but were subsequently exposed. Gündüz, who fled from the prison cave to find Osman and prosecutor, was in Drago's hands when he came to the shooting spot. Dragos had killed Umur Bey with his dagger on the day and had managed to overcome this crime with Day Drag

Umbil Bey, who thought he was killed by Daytime, what should he do after this great pain? Will the enmity between Kayılar and Umuroğulları become deeper? Will Ertuğrul find Dragos, which he thinks behind all these events? How about Drago's new trap? Will he be able to clean during the day? Will Turgut and Mergen get rid of the Mongols and reach the secret chest? Will Ertuğrul eliminate the games played on him and establish Söğüt's peace and security?

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