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Parliament established a commission for reduced syndrome and autism


At the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand Assembly, the parliamentary research commission was established with the aim of solving the problems of individuals with lower syndrome, autistic and other developmental disorders and their families with the common motives of the five groups. AKP Vice Vildan Yilmaz Gurel had emotional moments during his speech.

CHP Group, who spoke on behalf of Kayseri Cetin Ariks, with autism and impaired syndrome, and highlighted the problems of his family. Without him also having a child diagnosed with autism, says Arık, Guidance Today increases the rate of autism, and in recent studies one of 58 children has autism. Research conducted in 2023, one of each 2 children can be born with autism reveals. Yap said he.

Children and families with autism have serious difficulties, Arık stressed that education will play a major role in minimizing these problems. Arik, "Education more kindergarten, kindergartens, preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers must start because they know that due to the biggest drugs of their children with their own natural developing comrades, their behavior can be a model."

He said that patients and families were tried in society because they were not known and even these children are seen as memiş children who are not well educated by their families çocuklar. The education should be considered in a comprehensive and inclusive manner. Beethoven and Albert Einstein also communicate that the Arik patient, training to be successful, starts early, uninterrupted and should be at least 30 hours a week, he said.

AKP Bursa deputy Vildan Yilmaz Gurel, the child's toes when they spoke of tears could not control. Photo of Zekeriya Albayrak Sözcü

AKP Bursa deputy Vildan Yilmaz Gurel, the child's toes when they spoke of tears could not control. Photo of Zekeriya Albayrak Sözcü

Laws that promote positive discrimination

On behalf of the AKP Group, Kayseri deputy Hülya Nergis emphasized that laws were introduced to encourage positive discrimination to find permanent solutions to the problems of people with disabilities under the AK Party Governments. Nergis said that education and rehabilitation of disabled people were free and they were linked to people over the age of 18 and families with children with disabilities under the age of 18 years.

Narcissus, about the AK party like autism and Down's syndrome, wanted to investigate the presence in Turkey and the establishment of the Commission for the evaluation of research studies has been carried out in this regard, he said.

Nergis, who pointed out that the most effective treatment method for autism is education, said:

L It is very important to provide early access to special early childhood education, to evaluate the highest level of potential and to support its participation in social life with early intervention programs. Education is necessary for the child to develop his language, social development, self-care and go to school with his peers. These children should be included in intensive, uninterrupted and specially trained training programs. Bu

CHP İzmir Deputy Mahir Polat, who spoke on behalf of the person, said that autism is not a mental illness but a neurological disease. Autism sounding of teachers to get enough information about Parker, 550 thousand in Turkey suffering from autism has been estimated that, with proper education, can facilitate the lives of these patients, he says. Every 20 minutes, the child was born with autism police Polat, according to the database from the Ministry of Health, stressed that the education department should begin studying studies.

He did not have tears

AKP Bursa deputy Vildan Yilmaz Gurel, the child's toes when they spoke of tears could not control. Two months spent in the intensive care door, said that his life was restored Gürel, said:

Oldu So a blessing came to my motherhood. Let the hammer, my daughter Berram live. But their other brothers have grown up, they meet their needs, they laugh, they play, they run, but Berram can no longer ask for their favorite pieces, meatballs and fries. For the past 6 years, he has forgotten his taste. He can not stand on his feet. I am a mother who has the same destiny as our sons' sons who call the particular individual because of the neurological diseases, regardless of the name of the diagnosis, and who need special education. They are our children's sons, our peace, our thanks. We are the ones who say "Amenna laughs but never fight. Am



Following the speeches, the parliamentary general assembly set up the parliamentary research commission to determine the incidence of impaired syndrome and autism and other developmental disorders, and determine what measures would be taken to solve the problems with individuals and their families.

The Commission was established on 22 March 2018. The Commission was unable to start the work of the Commission since the decision on early elections was taken at the notification stage.

Levent Gök, Vice-President of Parliament, thanked the deputies who shook up in an emotional storm and told about their experiences to do more about it.

Under serious problems in Turkey, discovering all common topics to share, before landing, the sky, indicating that it should be the most important task of the congregation, "Our society is legislators that are solidarity with each other, they need political parties." Sade he.

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