Thursday , October 6 2022

Official announcement! $ 71.3 billion in agreement …


The commission said it was conditional on the purchase to fully comply with Disney's commitments.

The statement said that Disney had committed to divesting channels like history, H2, crime and investigation, Blaze and Lifetime in Europe to get EU approval.

Disney will get the rights to 21st Century Fox's movie studios, X-Men, Avatar, Simpsons and National Geographic, as well as 21st Century Fox's online television network. Hulu and Sky shares will be controlled by Disney.

In December 2017, Disney offered $ 52.4 billion to buy 21st Century Fox. The offer gradually increased to $ 71.3 billion due to competition with cable television company Comcast.

The EU Commission has the power to review the situation of companies operating in European countries against competition or the effects of a merger on the markets. If the Commission detects an anti-competitive situation in the current investigation, it may take action and prevent mergers.

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