Saturday , June 25 2022

Metropolitan Education for Women – Diyarbakir News



Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality's Department of Women and Family Services provided training for women with breast cancer, cervix and intestinal cancer in collaboration with the Provincial Health Directorate.
Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Women's Family Services Department continues education on women's health issues. In the education provided by Ayşe Bülbül Themin, the health and safety department's staff at the Culture and Convention Center were informed of breast cancer, cervical cancer and colon cancer, which often occurred throughout the country. Before training, women received brochures about cancer cases.
Referring to the causes of cancer and causes of cancer, the instructor Themin stated that early diagnosis in cancer increases the risk of treatment, facilitates treatment and prevents tissue and organ loss. In women, breast cancer is often seen and one in every eight women says that this case, ie breast cancer, is the most effective method of combating mammographic screening, he said. Themin stated that breast cancer symptoms are mass, nipple discharge, swelling of the skin above the chest, skin sores and water collection, nipple withdrawal, nipple withdrawal with growth in nearby lymph nodes, feeding, alcohol use, regular exercise and self-examination every month is the most important way to protect in this case. Self-assessment should be done after 20 years of age. Women under 45 years on the world scale have cervical cancer after breast and lung cancer. In order to prevent cervical cancer, women should have regular examinations, bowel cancer occurs at all ages, but it is often observed after the age of 50. Family Health Centers in Bowel Cancer and KETEM as Fecal occult blood tests are done free of charge, individuals with intestinal cancer can investigate themselves, said Bağ.
At the end of the training, women were shown a video about self-control with early diagnosis of breast cancer.

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