Friday , August 12 2022

Last minute … Horrible executions on the mosque farm! Put in seconds …


Faik Sinirlioglu, who sat in the Sozus Quarter of Giresun Gorele district, came to Hasanağa Mosque to attend a relative's funeral. Sinirlioğlu, where they learned that the hostility of Hakan A. met.

Hakan A. Sinirlioğlu nun claimed for a while and entered the farm for funeral weapon from his waisted rain lead. These moments were reflected in the security cameras.

After the discussion, Faik Sinirlioglu, who was on his head, tried to escape by crawling. At these moments, Hakan A. continued to cook. At the time of the occurrence of the mosque, it is surprising and the fear is reflected in the pictures.

Hakan A. suspected of the courtyard of the murder of the police continues to question the police.


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