Sunday , July 25 2021

Last minute: FETÖ's key name was captured in the residence with gold

The 6 month-long study of the organization's cryptostructure reported that six key members of the organization with 11 addresses were taken in custody. In the operation, the Fatih Province, Ş.A, responsible for the industry, was detained by lines and fake identities of foreign persons used in the communication of its members. It was decided that the organization coordinated the industry people in the region, which he coded as "Fatih Province".


Outside the two lock names, there was the organization's chief officer in the operation. Y.G., who is responsible for collecting the source of material known as the sky, which acts as the Hadith zone within the organization's "Fatih Province" and which is one of the organization's most important economic sources. Captivated in the race.

There was a large amount of money from the organization over Y.G. It was reported that the organization was Bakirkoy's state imam and the code called Erkan was among those caught in the gay bubus house.

Operation, "Bakirkoy Province" in the University's Structure and Responsibility for Immigration Gokhan Code G.T. and the wife of the responsible official N.T. and B.I.'s brother, B.E., were reportedly among the prisoners.

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