Monday , September 26 2022

Ferhat Göçer shocked his daughter: "game over"


Ferhat Göçer shocked his daughter:

Yağmur Göçer, a patient with asthma, claimed he did not show enough interest in his father's disease in 2014. Rain, in his application to the prosecutor's office, "Father does not fulfill his duties. Although she is allergic, she is more interested in cats and dogs than me. I have to change my heart, but my dad does not let me know. Celebrity who came to the news agenda that she did not want to pay child support for her daughter singer If "Rain" with everything in a short period of time corrects and I'm sure we'll go again harmoniously, "he explained.

"Animal of a Girl"

Yağmur Göçer, now 21, Instagram statement of "the scream of a daughter's father". The sound of the silence of the year, with the name of the part that was made.

Rain, "For my sake, the sea will chop after you're drowning. I'm a plaintiff for you to steal from me every day. One day I suspect the conscience of language when he begins to speak right to ask forgiveness if he takes your feet to the right, "he said.

"My spring will be in the winter," said daughter of Ferhat Göçer, Sitemkar said:

Although it has been closed to me many times, the door is always open to you or it is closed. I closed the door so that I could continue my own life. I do not lie a lot for you, but I believe in the presence of divine justice will surely pray my tears. They say, "A door closes and the other opens." I opened a door with the door I closed for you. I am angry with you, and there is dust in front of the door. I promise I'll sweep the dust out of my life. Every winter is ours. The sun will surely be born to me, I feel. I will be born in such a way that my body is caught by pain, the sun will be kneaded with the heat. My anger and regret over my past will be hoping for my future. My heart stuck in thinking about the past is easy as a bird when looking at the future. Regrets are replaced by hope, the darkness of the light spot. Your spring is over now. My spring will be your winter. I took my toy. I have all the ropes myself. I can not reach out to play with me, nor do I think of what I'm thinking about. You understand that the game is over. I won. "

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