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Family physicians are responsive: We are ready to take all measures to get our voice heard


Does family medicine stop being attractive? Today, more than a thousand doctors, family medicine are known to leave. Of general medicine that has made significant contributions to public health in Turkey, doctors responded that the development of privatization such as primary care, health, violence, over effort, hiring hikes, with problems such as unclear job descriptions, is said to go against a system that becomes increasingly difficult for the doctor. Speaking at the 9th International Conference on Family Medicine, CEO of AHEF Şenol Atakan stated that they are ready to do their best for the solution, but if the process continues in this way, they are ready for all actions to make their voices heard.

The 9th International Family Medicine Congress held in Antalya was held with participation and contributions from hundreds of family cheers. Expression of family doctor at the congress meeting, CEO of AHEF. Senol Atakan, workload in health, many problems ranging from violence to violence, he said. Atakan stated that the solutions were simple and that the doctors' experiences and opinions should be included in this process.

24,000 families representing physicians from the Family Physicians Federation of Associations in Turkey (AHEF) with 10 organizations were organized in the framework of Anniversary 9 with the participation of the International Family Medicine Congress, many institutions in health and occupational organizations.

Azerbaijan Congress last week, Georgia, Ukraine and, as well as experts from Germany, GPs in a thousand different provinces of Turkey, NGOs representatives, academics and attended representatives of the relevant public institutions. At the congress followed by the international press; the future of family medicine, the number of vaccine rejections and the importance of family medicine in preventing cancer and the role of family medicine in older health many subjects were discussed. In addition, 4 days of congress were held in 4 different subjects, which will carry the family medical professionals' professional knowledge and equipment.


World Family Physicians Organization (WONCA), Turkey Family Physicians Association (TAHUD), Turkey Family Medicine Foundation (Taheva) and Family Health Elements Federation (ASEF) in Congress with field specialists many researchers attended AHEF, made a press release on behalf of all GPs.

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Bilecik Family Physicians Association President, AHEF 2nd President Sevilay Seval-AHEF Chairman Prof. Dr. Şenol Atakan- President of Trabzon Family Physicians Association, Secretary General of AHEF. Hakan Uzun PHOTO: SPEAKER

Explained that the new law on health care that was submitted to the TGNA was prepared without any health care organization including AHEF AHEF Chairman Şenol Atakan, in family medicine is a pride in our country. In our country, the reduction of deaths for children and adolescents, vaccination rates, including many European countries, including one of the leading countries left, has been achieved to achieve high rates for chronic patient follow-up, thanks to family medicine.

In recent years, however, decisions made by the boss on the desk and without our idea have caused great harm to family medicine. Currently, the health invoice presented to TGNA is a disappointment. The family does not respond to any expectations of doctors like the current system anymore.


AHEF Chairman Şenol Atakan said that Article 24 of the Act has no content that would deter violence in health. Only the physician exposed to violence at the beginning "Go to the police station, the statement is taken at work ola heter. Is this a measure to deter from violence in health?He recently responded to the lack of adequate measures against violence that often occurs by healthcare professionals.


Atakan stated that the current law paves the way for the replacement of the family doctor of the Ministry of Health without the consent of the citizens, "This is clearly a person's freedom to choose a doctor, and there is nothing that is acceptable." use expressions.

Family medicine is adapted?

Dr. Atakan, the law came into force this way stressed another important issue that may arise. Family Health Centers are now on job status. "Family supervisors are not employers, but employers. Taxpayer, Chamber of Commerce is required to register. So it's a trader. Specifically, the privatization of family medicine is groundbreaking. Family Medicine System is a public service and offers a public service. Family medicine can not be adapted. We can not accept it, we do not. We believe our people will not accept it. bunu

We can not accept the deterioration and specialization of this system, which has been successfully implemented in our country for many years and is an example of many countries, including Europe, which is our country's pride. We, like AHEF, are open to all kinds of work to make the right decision with the common mind. From here we speak to the Ministry of Health and the President. This invoice should be immediately withdrawn and the decisions of family medicine should be taken into account in decisions taken by the High School's professional organizations that have been doing this work for several years. If understanding continues, they are ready for all types of legal actions as family medical practitioners.


Responding to the press's questions after the meeting, Atakan said:

Chairman of the Federation of Family Physicians View Şenol's full profile

Chairman of the Federation of Family Physicians View Şenol's full profile

Our hekmlerimiz has serious losses in terms of income. Currently, approximately 1,500 family doctors work alone, and no one wants to go to the health center. Because there is no appealing page of this activity anymore. Revenue has fallen, workload has increased and violence has also been the subject of health. These problems are not resolved, but this solution is not a magic wand. By using the experience from the field, we must solve it with the Ministry and all stakeholders. This is a prerequisite for the health of the Turkish people.

These problems will replace the citizens

When the employee's satisfaction is not met, the satisfaction of the citizens will definitely be affected. If you only care about the patient's satisfaction in health, if you can not ensure the satisfaction of the doctor and employee, you can not ensure the satisfaction of today's income. For example, in the new legal regulation, the Ministry of Health will be able to change the family doctor without the knowledge of the citizen. But family medicine is a personal service.


We want to do our tasks without jeopardizing the requirements of family medicine discipline. In this regard, the federation is very sensitive. The problem of forensic attacks could not be solved. We have a couple of seizures a week for 2-3 days a week.
The family doctor is also asked to do. Request a medical report from the front of each institution in Turkey and this situation is serious overtime every day in our business. This issue is also one of the causes of violence in health. The topic of health problems is one of the most important issues in the field.

For example, there are situations in the driver's license reports that need to be sent. According to the industry that you have transferred to private or public hospitals today, SSI does not accept this as a therapeutic service, so a certain fee is charged to the citizen. Also the reaction of the family the doctor takes. With the exception of some reports, there are sports reports. Can I do sports? Rapor and a very serious job to do a survey and report sincerely. In that sense, it is not something that is being done right now. Only paper is digital but not content. Even a new chore, the digital transition becomes taking pictures of the family doctor asked to take pictures. The job description for the family doctor must be made clear.

46 hours to rent

Ministry of Health, the rent is paid by our friends began to increase by 46 percent. This is a very unreasonable rate. In this respect, we will continue our work, in legal terms, we will seek our rights first. This will not work. The Constitutional Court has a clear decision that we have a public duty. But on the other hand we are going on privatization. Privatization can be discussed for the second third step, but you can not discuss such a thing in primary care. We are talking about society's constitutional rights here. The state says we have a problem in the big cities. Can not we find a place for the health center? This is not a hard job.


We are looking for all kinds of legal rights. Two months ago we had a meeting with presidents and representatives of all associations. We had initiated an action process. We are not too far from the negotiations now. But if the loss of rights continues, if the workload continues to increase, we are prepared to take action that may be legal if nothing is done about violence. We went down to the square on time, all doctor friends again landed on the field. I'll tell you again Family medicine is no longer attractive and our friends do business or retirees elsewhere. More than a thousand family physicians chose the way to quit.

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