Sunday , May 29 2022

Done with Mitraclip method


In Alanya, Mahir Tosun, who traveled to the Hospital Park Medical Park Antalya with breathlessness and weakness, found a powerful mitral valve cover. The doctors who determined that Tosun, who had severe heart failure, had a high risk of surgery, decided to use locking. Heart Specialist Dr. Lecturer. İsmail Ateş and Uzm. Dr. Dr. Zeynettin Kaya was recovered from Mahir Tosun's health, released.

Before the Mitraclip operation, Mahir Tosun said he felt tired of him: "I can not go because my knees can not go comfortably, but I could walk 100-150 meters a day. When I searched my son for treatment of my illness , crossed our roads with Ismail. This process was very kind to me, what pain I suffered. I'm fine thank you. I have my health, he says.

Two days have been outside

His team, the operation performs. Lecturer. İsmail Ateş member Mahir Tosun said he had undergone a bypass operation about 7 years ago. The patient complained of severe respiratory distress and referred to them. Lecturer. Ismail Ates, "This situation had a very negative impact on quality of life. Previously due to heart failure and lung water collected in the intensive care of our patients in our investigations, we decided to intervene because of a leak of cardiac valves, but because of the patient's advanced age and previous complaints about open surgery We repaired the heart valve by a little half a cent of the lumbar with the mitraclip method and we repaired the heart valve using the method called "percutaneous". Our patient underwent surgery at noon and discharged in a short period of time as two days can move easily, "he said.


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