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Champions League Critical Match … Schalke 04 Galatasaray matches what time the channel there?


The Schalke 04 Galatasaray match this evening in the Champions League representative will take a moody fight. Before the match, sportsmen wondered the game's live broadcast information, but the Schalke 04 Galatasaray match on which channel was to be published was not announced. So, Schalke 04 Galatasaray Champions League will be broadcast live on any channel tonight?

Yellow UEFA Champions League Group D match this evening will be a guest at Schalke 04. Eren Derdiyok and Emre Akbaba and Nagatomo nun injured before the match can not bear the situation with Fernando Fernandez is still unclear. Galatasaray, 3 draw in the last 4 matches and 1 defeat, while the winner could not


Galatasaray, UEFA Champions League Group D 4 week match tonight, Germany's Schalke 04 team will be guests. The match will be played at the AufSchalke Arena in the city of Gelsenkirchen. The match is expected to be broadcast live on beIN Sports 1.

In addition to Schalke 04, the yellow-red team has won 4 points with a win, a gap and a loss in Group D, which includes the Law Lokomotiv Moscow and Portugal Porto from Russia, ranking 3. The German team scored 1 victory, 2 moves and 5 points in the group. The match between the two teams in Istanbul ended 0-0. The second match in the group at the same time with Porto's leader without a point Lokomotiv Moscow, Portugal will meet at Dragao Stadium.

Scottish judge will earn

William Collum from the football federation in Scotland will lead the competition between Schalke 04 and Galatasaray. David McGeachie and Graeme Stewart take over Collum. Francis Connor will be the fourth referee in the fight against Andrew Dallas and Nicholas Walsh as additional assistant judge.

Status of injured players in yellow-red

Galatasaray players in the field against Schalke 04 injured in the field will not be able to take place. The operated Emre Akbaba and Yuto Nagatomo will not be able to play this evening's competition. Eren Derdiyok with disabilities and Fernando Real's situation is still unclear.

Last 4 pictures

Galatasaray, the 4 last matches did not win the match. Yellow red team, in this process Sport Toto Super League 3, won the UEFA Champions League 1 match. Galatasaray Bursaspor and Fenerbahce tied with drag, Evkur New Malatyaspor was defeated. Fatih Terim's students, UEFA Champions League match with Schalke 04 in Istanbul. 3 goals in the match against the opponents Galatasaray, 5 goals in the castle could not hinder.

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Schalke 04 missing 3

3 football players in Schalke 04 will not be able to play against Galatasaray. Blåvit goalkeeper Ralf Fahrmann, defender Hamza Mendyl and offensive player Cedric Teuchert in injury.

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30th meeting with German law

Galatasaray plays his 30th match in European Cups with the German team this evening. The German-German team, including German and East German teams, had previously won 7 wins, 13 moves and 9 defeats in the remaining 29 matches, with 15 matches in the UEFA event. Galatasaray, in this match against the opponent's 31, could not prevent 44 goals in the castle.

Ten out of the 15 matches in the yellow-red played with the German teams took place in the elimination rounds. 5 out of 10 matches against the German team in these rounds to the top of the rising side of Galatasaray, 5 could not get rid of elimination. History for the first time in a 1964-65 season Cup Winners Cup in a German team against Galatasaray, Aufbau Magdeburg away, at home and in the neutral field of 3 match 1 with 1-1 result, finished a round after the draw was the party to the top.

Schalke 04 matches

Galatasaray, European Cup matches with Schalke 04 for the second time in a match played 1 victory and 2 have achieved. 2012-2013 season, the UEFA Champions League 2 match with the German team in the yellow-red team in 1-1, 3-2 won the quarterfinals. Galatasaray's Schalke 04 D group's first match resulted in an uneven move.

2 European cups at the museum

The most successful and experienced football team in the European Championships in Turkey, Galatasaray, has managed to win the trophy twice. Yellow red team, the first cup in Europe under the current coach Fatih Terim in the season 1999-2000 reached. Galatasaray, Arsenal, leaving the final UEFA Cup eliminated is brought to Turkey. Galatasaray won the UEFA Super Cup in 2000 by eliminating Real Madrid under the direction of coach Mircea Lucescu. Yellow Red Team, UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup Outside Europe have achieved many important achievements. Champion Clubs Cup semifinal in 1 times and 2 times in the final quarterfinals played in yellow-red, UEFA Champions League 3 times in the last 8 teams were in the Champions League.

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