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Ankara News She got her favorite food with a kidney transplant


DUYGU YENER – 3-year-old Cagan Yildiz with renal failure, thanks to organ transplant to get rid of dialysis and digestive problems, as well as a year consumed melted banana tasted.

Cagan Yildiz, the only child in Melek and Murat Yildiz, who lived in Ankara, began to have health problems when she was two months old. When she was two years old, she was diagnosed with renal failure and then went into the dialysis process. Minik Çağan's difficult process ended with the transfer.

Explaining the experience of AA Correspondent Mother Melek Yıldız, Cagan said to two months old, a simple vomiting issue, said: "When we went to the doctor were examined in many branches. Finally they took parts of the kidneys." Nephrotic syndrome occurred.

Anne Yildiz explained that her son was treated at the hospital because of her condition and appointment, şekil She was diagnosed with renal failure at two years of age. We went to the service and we got four peritoneal catheters and none of them worked. The hemodialysis catheter opened. It was also the second birthday. " he said.

– "Doya eats food"

Father Murat Yıldız said that since Çağan's birth he had very difficult health problems.

"We were very surprised when we heard about the transplant. I thought what the school would do for the rest of their lives and lives." It was such a miracle. It was a miracle for us to hear about the transport. May God give you patience. "

The digestive problem due to living Çağan in banana, lentil, tarhana soup, sausage and dairy products that can not consume Star, "I could not eat anything. He can eat his favorite course he can not consume." He said.

"No one will understand that Çağan is a kidney transplant."

Ankara University Medical Faculty İbni Sina Hospital General Surgery Specialist. Dr. Acar Tüzüner, explained the operation process. Çağlı, who had congenital kidney problems, tried to keep alive through hemodialysis after abdominal dialysis and said: "It is particularly difficult to keep hemodialysis in a baby." Cañan was a donor and a kidney suitable for his life. Bağış Çağan started his normal life as ordinary children now. Dialysis patients no longer eat bananas, he said.

Professor Dr. Tüzüner, indicating that kidney failure in children causes growth and developmental retardation, "with the child starting to grow with a normal child like.

– "More than 20 doctors attended nurses in surgery"

Emphasizing that child transplants are more difficult than adult organ transplants, said Tüzüner:

"In children, everything is much less, usually we place the kidneys in the veins leading to the leg. Because the legs are too small in the children, they are placed in the main vessels and veins in the abdomen. They want technologically advanced surgical techniques. There are also pediatric and nephrological teams who have been trained in this area and the intensive care group will have a child and nephrological team. After surgery, the doctor and nurse have more than 20 doctors and nurses. After surgery, he did not need dialysis. All news in local news Anadolu news agency,
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