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2018/2 How to apply for logistics expert recruits? Here are the conditions for the application of the gendarmerie expert erbian!

2018/2 Gendarmerie Logistics Expert was accepted to the Commissioner's Recruitment Requirements. On the official website of the state staff presidency was announced that 1457 experts on gendarmerie logistics will be recruited. Applications are obtained from the Gendarmerie and the Presidency of the Coast Guard Academy. Applications starting 8 November will continue until 29 November. Here are the requirements of the application …


a. Citizens of Turkey and that a man,

b. To have a degree of at least upper secondary school / elementary school (8 years)

c. Twenty (20) days from January 01, 2018 according to population registration and be twenty seven (27) years old. [01 Ocak 1991 (dahil) – 01 Ocak 1999 (dahil) tarihleri arasında doğanlar]

d. No military service is required. However, for those applying for military service, they are required to have 80 points or more from the qualification certificate in Table 2, prepared by Union Commissions.


d. While serving in the Army, "Is it not appropriate for the military service? discharge report
not to be

e. From the first day of the application date,
no more than five years from the date of discharge (08 November 2013 and
After demobilizing.)

f. Applicants are required not to have completed both twenty-seven (27) years.
not be more than five (5) years from discharge,

g. Contractual at least three years' obligation for conscripts and disadvantages,
and have not completed nine (29) years from January 1, 2018 (January 1, 1989). [dahil] – January 01, 1999 [dahil] born between

g. Those who are still employed as recipients and as employees have completed three years of employment
The contract must be signed for the term. Candidates will enter dates for the first contract date, contract date and date of the new contract.

Entrepreneur of entrepreneur and self-employed
He finds. Those appointed as specialist staff must participate directly in the education organization to which they are appointed

Applications from those who have completed three years but fail to renew their contracts for the following period can be accepted together with the other candidates on the same terms (27 years and other terms).

Applications of those whose unilateral agreements have been terminated or separated before the end of three years may not be accepted.

h. In order to successfully pass the exam qualification, to be received from the hospitals to refer to the TSK, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Code Health Disorders Regulations in accordance with Anel Expert Erbaş Leri's registered health report to be received,

To be at least 164 cm and up to 210 cm long, weight to weight in Table 1
The values ​​in the table should be within the specified values. (Height is measured by bare feet and weight at sports shorts / shirts).

i. To be detained from military students, not to be employed as officer, non-commissioned officer, expert gendarme or expert in the Turkish Armed Forces, J.G.

j. Security investigations and archive research are positive.
The address details of the candidates registered in the address-based population registration system will be used. For this reason, the current address information that the applicants still live must be registered in the address-based population registration system used by the provincial / district population directorates.)


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